Parts and Spares

Sails and spars are available from many suppliers, the SCYC fleet tend to use JKA in Pwllheli , Banks Sails or North Sails to name a few. Spars are readily available from Z spars.

Some specific parts are now available periodically from the POA at SCYC, the list is growing but to present include, for

700 series

Replacement skeg, two part casting, rough or machined to first fix fit.

Rudder shaft and foil securing plates, assembled or loose.

Rudder wooden capping to fit over shaft within skeg

skeg bushings

skeg helicoil sets , thread ferrule inserts, A4 fixings.

mast foot adaptors to modern spars

inner saloon mast support tubes

inner saloon mast support castings

inner saloon mast support strop system complete with strop, bottle screw , wide series shackle and 316 seam welded T bracket slotted and drilled to suit deck eye.

Rubbing Strake (not orginal so both sides needed but will fit aluminium extrusion) made by Wilks 01621869609 item PVC 1614


Front hatch cover

bow chain plate assembled welded and drilled or in single parts

700& International

keel Bolts

keel flitch plates

sets of 5 in 316 SS radiused profile and slotted or plain

primary winch conversion lifter pads with offset holes in imperial to metric PCD for modern winches.


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